$20.00 WhirliGigs

$20.00 WhirliGigs. – ALL Whirligigs come with PVC Yard Stake!
(Online Ordered Whirligigs do not include a Yard Stake due to shipping costs)

Football Player
Multiple Color Combinations Available!
10″ tall with 14″ leg span
Bumble Bee
13″ long with 16″ wingspan
 Mythical Bird Whirligig
JaxWhirligigs Original
12.5″ Long with 14″ Wing span
BaseballPlayer3 roostercropped6
Small Eagle
11″ long with 18″ wingspan
 Baseball Player
JaxWhirligigs Original
10″ tall with 14″ leg span
Custom Colors Available
Approximately 9″ Tall with 18″ Wingspan
Canoes1 Horse  Angel
Classic Indian Canoe
Approx 13″ long with 12″ Oar span
Multiple Color Options Available
Approximately 12″ long with 11″ leg span
Unicorn2 dragoncropped11 pegasus8
Unicorn Whirligig
Approximately Long
Multiple Color Combinations Available!
11″ tall with 16″ wingspan
Pegasus – Black

Approximately 12″ Long with 17″ Wingspan





$20.00 WhirliGigs — 5 Comments

  1. I received a contact email from Lester today however the email address submitted was invalid.
    If you are still interested in a Classic Indian Canoe Whirligig please send another message.


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