$30.00 WhirliGigs

$30.00 Whirligigs –  ALL Whirligigs come with PVC Yard Stake!
Hummingbird, Small, Iridescent
Green, Red, Purple & Blue Headed
Approx 10.5″ long 12.5″ Wingspan
Small School Bus
Approx 8″ long 9″ Wingspan
Approx 10″ long 18″ Wingspan
Bumble Bee
Approx 12.5″ long 15″ Wingspan
Approx 9″ Tall 15″ Wingspan
Canoe w/ Indian Boy
Approx 12.5″ long 12″ Paddle
Approx 12″ long with 11″ leg span
Approx 10″ Long 12″ Legspan
Eagle, Small
Brown or Black
Approx 11″ Long 18″ Wingspan
Approx 12″ Long with 16″ Wingspan
French Bulldog
Approx 10″ long
BlueJayCrop2 SantaClaus
Approx 12″ Long with 15.5″ wingspan
Red Headed Woodpecker
Approx 9.5″ long with 14″ wingspan
 Santa Claus – Seasonal
Approx 9″ Tall with 10″ Leg span
JaxWhirligigs Original
Min Pin
Approx 11″ long
Approx 11″ long 17″ Wingspan
Witch with Wand
Approx 10″ Tall with 14″ Arm span
JaxWhirligigs Original
Approx 12″ Tall 14″ Armspan
JaxWhirligigs Original
Approx 12″ Tall 15″ Wingspan
Toucan, Small
Approx 12.5″ long 15″ Wingspan



$30.00 WhirliGigs — 12 Comments

  1. Can I see a picture of your cat, and the dueling cat whirligigs? How long will it take to ship to west palm beach? Thanks

    • Hello Agnes,

      I got an email from someone asking about a Fox from Columbiana, OH on Sep 15, 2020, was that you? It was a @Comcast address. I replied to that email on Sep 16, 2020 with the shipping cost to Zip Code 44408
      Shipping would be $13.00 with the Fox Whirligig costing $25.00 the total would be $38.00.

      If you would like the Fox Whirligig please send me an email to WhirligigGuy@JaxWhirligigs.com

  2. I will be at the OP farmers market tomorrow.
    I need a cardinal 25.00,to pick up.just wanted to make sure you have one there.need for my wife’s birthday this coming Wednesday.
    Thank you

  3. Hey I was by a friend of your today in Atlantic beach she gave me your website to buy some of these could I just pick up I’m also in Atlantic beach area wich $10 or $15 ones do you have available right now ?

  4. Hello Pete,

    Shipping would be right around $15.00 (Standard Postal Package Shipping).
    However it would be about 2 weeks before we would have one ready.
    We currently have 2 in stock but I prefer to make brand new ones to ship.

    If interested let us know from our Online Ordering/Shipping link.


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