3rd Time Charm? Orange Park Farmer’s and Arts Market Sun Jun 21, 2020

Well folks it looks like the 3rd Time Charm is going to apply to the Orange Park Farmer’s and Arts Market…  On May 17, 2020 we had expected to see Artists and Crafters return to the Market however due to some miscommunication it didn’t happen…  On Jun 7, 2020 Artists and Crafters were permitted to return to the Market however… RAIN (lots of it) caused the cancellation of the market…

Now here we are with the Jun 21, 2020 Market coming up and it looks like A: Artists and Crafters are returning, B: The weather appears to be perfect for this Sunday and C: JaxWhirligigs will be attending So there you have it the 3rd Time is the Charm 😉

Orange Park Farmer’s and Arts Market Sunday Jun 21, 2020 10 AM to 1 PM  (the shorter hours will be in place at least through August)

We will have lots of Whirligigs with us including our Newest Whirligig, the Butterfly Whirligig which is a $40.00 Whirligig and a short video is located below.

Selene and I are excited to be returning to the Market, we will be wearing face masks and shields, and we STRONGLY encourage everyone that attends any event or goes out in public to have a Mask or Face Shield with them for use when you cannot remain more than 6 Feet away from other folks.  This Covid-19 stuff is serious stuff and should not be taken lightly by anyone and the smartest thing you can do is wear face protection and wash your hands frequently…

As always, if there is a specific Whirligig that you are looking for this Sunday let us know ahead of time so we can bring an extra one, either Call or text 904-302-1791 or email WhirligigGuy@JaxWhirligigs.com.

Hope to see many of you this Sunday,
Bob & Selene


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