Bostwick Blueberry Festival is BACK!

The Bostwick Blueberry Festival is returning after a two year Covid hiatus.  This Saturday, April 30, 2022 from 8 AM to 3 PM ET, and JaxWhirligigs will be there with more Whirligigs then we have ever brought to a Craft Show before AND over 100 other Craft Vendors.  Remember it is just about one week before Mothers Day (May 8, 2022) and a Craft Show is one of (if not) the best shopping for Mom!

Folks this is a Festival like none other, over 100 Hand Crafted Vendors, Food and BLUEBERRIES, and when I say BLUEBERRIES I am talking about BLUEBERRIES everywhere.  They start the day with a Blueberry pancake breakfast, a Semi Truck full of fresh Blueberries for sale, racks of Blueberry Pies and a large number of BLUEBERRY related crafts.  NOTE: The Blueberry Pies and Fresh Blueberries usually sell out very quickly…

Bostwick is only about 50 Mins from the Westside of Jax, and closer if you are in Orange Park, straight down (south) US17 to the Blinking Yellow Light and turn left and basically you are there 😉

The weather looks pretty good and this will be the last large Craft Festival of the Season and it is well worth the short trip down US17, oh did I mention it is FREE admission and parking 🙂

On Sunday there is the Orange Park Farmer’s and Arts Market from 10 AM to 3 PM and another great shopping idea for Mom.  JaxWhirligigs will not be at this Market, quite honestly I am getting a little long in the tooth to set up, break down and then set up and break down two days in a row.  We will be back at the Orange Park Market on May 15th.

Selene and I are very excited to be able to return to Bostwick (finally) and looking forward to seeing everyone down that way, not to mention some of you from up here 😉

Till Saturday,
Selene and Bob


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    • Hello Maureen,

      I got your Facebook Message and replied there as well. I have Mythical Firebird Wings in stock but before you get new wings make sure the screws from both sides will screw out, they sometimes
      break off when trying to remove.