Dog Whirligigs

Nothing But Dog Whirligigs – ALL Whirligigs come with PVC Yard Stake!
(Online Ordered Whirligigs do not include a Yard Stake due to shipping costs)

Approx 12″ Long 11″ Legspan
*JaxWhirligigs Original
Black/Chocolate Lab
Approx 15.5″ Long
Approx 10″ Long 12″ Legspan
Approx 12″ Long
*JaxWhirligigs Original
Black & Tan, Red and Chocolate
JaxWhirligigs Original
Approx 11″ Long
French Bulldog !
Approx 10″ long
German Shepard
*JaxWhirligigs Original
Approx 14.5″ Long
Min Pin !
Approx 11″ long
*JaxWhirliGigs Original
Approx 16″ Long with 14″ Leg
Dog, Famous 😉
Approx 14″ long 11″ tall


Dog Whirligigs — 4 Comments

  1. Might you have a golden-doddle whirligig?

    In case you are not aware a “golden-doddle” is a cross breed of a golden-retriever & a puddle.
    …we have a lovely 2 year old golden-doddle we have named DOLLY and would like to find a whirligig to honour her to fly here in our yard.

    Thanks for your reply in advance.

    • Hello and thanks for contacting us,

      I do know what a Golden-Doodle is and it is a request I have had before.

      If you will note the Dog Whirligigs we currently make are mostly short haired dogs. A Golden-Doodle’s shape is more defined by their hair and are difficult
      to create as the edge defined area would require multitudes of cuts in the wood that would be difficult but more importantly would provide many areas of
      potential breakage, I use the picture located here as a guide:

      The other issue is all of those uneven areas, which would be virtually around the entire whirligig, would be places for dirt and moisture to collect.

      Which is why we don’t make any Dog Whirligigs whose bodies are defined by their hair, such as Poodles, Golden Retrievers, Chows and so on.

      I am sorry we can’t meet your request,

  2. Bob, the boxer whirligig arrived today. Plenty of time to spare. Thanks for rushing to make one for me. Have a great Christmas.

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