I love all of our Whirligigs, the RoadRunners are a favorite as well as the many different birds, however my personal favorite are the Eagles.

And we have four different sized Eagles in Brown and Black. And NEW our Patrotic Medium and Large Eagles

Brown or Black Small Eagle $25.00 – Medium Eagle $35.00 – Large Eagle $45.00 – Extra Large Eagle $75.00

Patriotic Medium Eagle $40.00 – Patriotic Large Eagle $50.00

Eagle3sizes3 Eagle3sizes2 Eagle3sizes
3 Eagles Sm – Ex Lg – Lg 3 Eagles Sm – Lg – Ex Lg 3 Eagles Sm – Lg – Ex Lg
SmEagle4 EagleLgBrown2 LargeEagle
Eagle Small
11″ Long Body with 18″ Wingspan
Eagle Medium
14″ Long Body with 23″ Wingspan
Eagle Large
18″ Long Body with 27″ Wingspan
Eagle Extra Large
27″ Long Body with 39″ Wingspan
Coming Soon
Patriotic Eagle Medium
14″ Long Body with 23″ Wingspan
Patriotic Eagle Large
18″ Long Body with 27″ Wingspan

The Eagle Whirligigs look great Year round and can add some extra pizazz for the Patriotic Holidays such as the 4th of July alongside Uncle Sam and/or our Patriotic USA Whirligigs 🙂



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  1. Hello Ronald,

    Shipping would be around $12 – $18. We include the PVC guide bushing for a pole insert as well as an actual wood insert ready for use in a PVC pole with all Orders.

    Note that we will be in St. Augustine in 2.5 weeks, Mar 30 and 31st at the Epic Flower and Garden Expo and then 1 month later we will be in Bostwick for their Blueberry festival if you want to save on shipping.

    If you are interested either in shipping one or picking one up, please let us know what Color, Black or Brown by email, either use our Contact Form at https://jaxwhirligigs.com/contact-jaxwhirligigs/ or the Order form at https://jaxwhirligigs.com/online-orderingshipping/


  2. What is the shipping costs of a large eagle to zip code 17325 (Pa) or 32136, Flagler beach? Can you include a “pvc guide bushing” that you use in the top of your PVC stake. I understand you do not ship the stake but if I make my own using a 3/4 inch pvc stake and wood dowel rod I would like the pvc bushing you use in the very top of the stake. I purchase a flamingo at the Platka Azelia festival in couple weeks ago. I would use a credit card for purchase. thanks

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