JaxWhirligigs Wings… Solid Wood!

We mention that our Whirligig Wings are made from solid wood and not plywood, commonly referred to as Finnish Plywood in Whirligig circles.

Finnish Plywood is generally 5/32″ thick and is still plywood which is layers of wood glued together and has a susceptibility to separating over time. To combat this Whirligig makers do their best to seal the wings, especially the edges with paint and clear coats, however the possibility of separation still exists.

We wanted a better solution and the only better solution was solid wood.  You can buy 1/4″ thick solid wood pieces online however the cost for enough material for a set of wings would be more than we sell our Whirligigs for…

So what we do is hand select 2 X 4’s and then cut them to individual planks.  Below is a picture of our wing material before…


Then below is the same block after cutting into our wing blanks


We have had many folks ask about our “Solid Wood” wings so I thought we would show you a little of the behind the scenes look 😉

Till next time,

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