More $10.00 Whirligigs…

JaxWhirligigs was started as an outlet for my hobby of making Whirligigs and was never meant to make lots of money (though that never hurts 😉  )  My wife Selene has been pushing for more $10.00 whirligigs for those who would like a little yard decoration but don’t really have the budget for it…

As a result of her urging, and a really really great buy on a batch of select whitewood boards we have added three more $10.00 whirligigs to the $10.00 Dragonfly…   The Christmas Tree and Star are now priced at $10.00 and a new whirligig to be introduced this weekend a Cardinal is also priced at $10.00.

The $10.00 whirligigs are made from the same solid wood as their higher priced companions and also come with a PVC Yard Stake.  The $10.00 whirligigs now have their own page and we are working on ideas for more $10.00 whirligigs.

Also as a result of the special whitewood buy we have adjusted pricing on some of our other whirligigs so check out all of the whirligig pages…  And don’t forget to visit Selene and Ashley each weekend at Ramona Flea Market Booth B48, when you enter the main entrance turn left and they are on the left 4 – 5 booths from the entrance.

Ramona Flea Market is located at 7059 Ramona Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32205.
You can get directions here:

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