New Whirligig Additions including a $10 Whirligig

We have added 6 NewStarburst WhirliGigs including a $10.00 Whirligig, a Dragonfly!  And like ALL of our Whirligigs it comes with a PVC Yard Stake
and is made from Solid Wood, no plastic or plywood in this Whirligig 🙂

We have more in the pipeline and will be posting more as they are completed and Selene and Ashley will be at Ramona Flea Market again this upcoming weekend, May 31 – June 01, 2014.
Ramona Flea Market is located at 7059 Ramona Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32205.  You can get directions here:

DragonFlyCropped2  RoosterCropped1 FrogCropped4
$10.00 Dragonfly  $20.00 Rooster $25.00 Frog
FootballPlayerCropped1 ParrotCropped1 MosquitoCropped1
$20.00 Football PlayerWill be available in other Team Colors! $20.00 Parrot $15.00 Mosquito

I got a lot of looks from my Family when I said we would be doing a Mosquito, but unlike it’s real life counterparts this one is CUTE!

Normally we wouldn’t be unveiling 5 new whirligigis at once but had a big push to get them completed in time for the Flea Market and we will be pushing some more new ones out by next weekend as well 🙂

Until next time,

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