Patriotic Eagles and Butterflies

Hello folks 🙂  Since the last Market I have been working to get more Patriotic Eagles and  Butterflies done and I have just finished.


The Medium Patriotic Eagles are $35.00 each and the Large Eagle and Butterflies are $45.00 each, so if you are interested give me aa holler, text or Call 904-302-1791 or email

Next I will be starting to build as many Whirligigs as I can before September, which means that we will be out of stock on some items, until I get to them, as I try to do large batchs of a couple different Whirligigs at a time, rather then trying to make a few of everything at a time.

As always if you are looking for a specific Whirligig please call, text or email me so…

A:  I can let you know if we have that Whirligig in stock,
B: So I can get it put together before you come to pick it up (I don’t store Whirligigs with their wings on) and
C: Make sure I will actually be here 😉

Until the next Update,
Bob & Selene

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