Special Request

Some Whirligigs are Seasonal in nature or are in very low demand and we generally do not maintain these Whirligigs in Stock, but can make them on request, including limited color choices.

To request one of these Whirligigs please use our Contact Form and indicate which Whirligig you want and any special color requests, we will reply to your email within 24 hours with availability, time frame and instructions for a 50% deposit (if required).

If you want to order one of these Whirligigs Online for shipping please use our Online Order Form.


SantaClaus Nutcracker1  Snowman
 Santa Claus – $25.00
JaxWhirligigs Original
In Stock
Nutcracker – $25.00
Approx 18″ Tall with 14″ Arm span
JaxWhirligigs Original
 Snowman – $20.00
JaxWhirligigs Original
In Stock
Halloween Witch w/ Wand
Seasonal – $25.00 – In Stock
JaxWhirligigs Original



Special Request — 6 Comments

    • Hello Vanessa,

      We actually have a Black Lab ourselves however I haven’t made one as a
      Whirligig because it would just be all black and you really wouldn’t
      be able to see any definition…


  1. what is your whirligigs made of (wood metal cloth etc) ?
    looking for a lumber jack or man or two man sawing wood
    or very similar thanks

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