THANK YOU 2021 Orange Park Fall Festival

Selene and I wanted to thank everyone that stopped by the JaxWhirligigs booth this weekend.  Whether you stopped by to tell us about a Whirligig you already have, bought a new Whirligig to add to your Whirligig collection or, for many of you, bought your very first Whirligig.  We enjoyed seeing all of you and Thank You for making this the very best Fall Festival we have ever experienced.

We heard from so many of you that told us about the Whirligigs you already have and how well they are doing, and that makes making the Whirligigs all the more worthwhile for me, Thank You.

Also it was just a wonderful Fall Festival, and while I know there were some glitches, the Orange Park Staff seemed to always be around keeping the grounds picked up and offering to help.  And of course the whole thing wouldn’t have been possible without the leadership of Emily who some how brings us all together each year and gets the word out about the Fall Festival ensuring such fantastic attendance.

I also wanted to Thank the fine folks at Walgreens at Kingsley and Plainfield who has allowed us to park in their lot for the Fall Festival for the 4th year in a row, it sure takes any aggravation about parking our Trailer out of the equation.

Each year the Fall Festival seems to get bigger and better and I have no doubt that will continue, the next Fall Festival will be the 40th Annual and I expect Emily will be looking for ways to celebrate 40 years of the Best Fall Festival in North East Florida and Selene and I are already looking forward to next year 🙂

So thanks again from both Selene and I and we hope to see you soon at another event.

Bob (The Whirligig Guy)


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