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2021 – 2022 Season is a Wrap!

The 2021 – 2022 Craft Season is a Wrap and I am working on building Whirligigs for the upcoming 2022 – 2023 Craft Season, and boy do I have my work cut out for me.  We had an extremely wonderful season and Selene and I want to thank everyone that saw us at any of the events we participated in this past season.

I have already posted our event schedule for the 2022 half of the schedule on our Calendar and you will note all events are in the Jacksonville area. At this time the only event we foresee outside of the immediate Jacksonville area will be in April in Bostwick Fl.  This is no way reflects on the other events we have participated in over the past years, many of which are FANTASTIC events, however we found that we were unable to keep up with demand for our Whirligigs and we have elected to stay local this year to be able to offer a wider assortment of our Whirligigs at the shows we do.

If you don’t live close to the Jacksonville area we do ship Whirligigs.  We also welcome anyone that wants to order a Whirligig to arrange to come to our house on the westside of Jacksonville and pick them up.  Just contact us by Phone 904-302-1791, Text 904-302-1791, Email WhirligigGuy@JaxWhirligigs.com or use our Contact Form and let us know what you are interested in.

Once again Selene and I want to thank everyone for such a successful year.

See you in September,

Last Craft Show of Season Orange Park Market Sun Jun 5, 2022

Well folks this is it, the Last Craft Show of the 2021-2022 Season.  Sunday Jun 5, 2022 from 10 AM to 3 PM at the Orange Park Farmer’s and Arts Market.  This will be your last chance, until September, to see all of our Whirligigs on display as well as all the other Vendors that will be at Orange Park this Sunday.

Now is the time to add a Whirligig to your Yard or Garden for the Summer and July 4th is just around the corner and we will be bringing plenty of our Patriotic Whirligigs, including Uncle Sam’s, Patriotic USA’s and all 4 sizes of our  Patriotic Eagles, as well as plenty of our other Whirligigs.

Selene and I hope you will take a few minutes of your time this Sunday and stop by to say hello 🙂

Till then,
Bob & Selene

Orange Park Market Sunday May 15, 2022 JaxWhirligigs will be there :)

The Orange Park Farmer’s and Arts Market will be held this Sunday, May 15, 2022 from 10 AM to 3 PM and JaxWhirligigs will be there 🙂

Selene and I are very happy to be back at the Orange Park Market this Sunday after almost 2 Months since our last Market.  The weather looks pretty good and with summer just around the corner this would be a great time to spend an hour or two checking out ALL the Vendors at the Market not to mention maybe pick up a new Whirligig or two 😉

You may also want to think about picking up some Patriotic Yard decorations, Hmmm  maybe a Patriotic Eagle, USA or Uncle Sam Whirligig, for July 4, 2022 the 246th Anniversary of the United States!

There will only be one more Orange Park Market after this one (Jun 5, 2022) and that ends the 2021-2022 Craft Season for JaxWhirligigs so we really hope you will come out and see us this Market or the next, or even both 😉

Selene and I are looking forward to seeing YOU this Sunday,

Bostwick Blueberry Festival is BACK!

The Bostwick Blueberry Festival is returning after a two year Covid hiatus.  This Saturday, April 30, 2022 from 8 AM to 3 PM ET, and JaxWhirligigs will be there with more Whirligigs then we have ever brought to a Craft Show before AND over 100 other Craft Vendors.  Remember it is just about one week before Mothers Day (May 8, 2022) and a Craft Show is one of (if not) the best shopping for Mom!

Folks this is a Festival like none other, over 100 Hand Crafted Vendors, Food and BLUEBERRIES, and when I say BLUEBERRIES I am talking about BLUEBERRIES everywhere.  They start the day with a Blueberry pancake breakfast, a Semi Truck full of fresh Blueberries for sale, racks of Blueberry Pies and a large number of BLUEBERRY related crafts.  NOTE: The Blueberry Pies and Fresh Blueberries usually sell out very quickly…

Bostwick is only about 50 Mins from the Westside of Jax, and closer if you are in Orange Park, straight down (south) US17 to the Blinking Yellow Light and turn left and basically you are there 😉

The weather looks pretty good and this will be the last large Craft Festival of the Season and it is well worth the short trip down US17, oh did I mention it is FREE admission and parking 🙂

On Sunday there is the Orange Park Farmer’s and Arts Market from 10 AM to 3 PM and another great shopping idea for Mom.  JaxWhirligigs will not be at this Market, quite honestly I am getting a little long in the tooth to set up, break down and then set up and break down two days in a row.  We will be back at the Orange Park Market on May 15th.

Selene and I are very excited to be able to return to Bostwick (finally) and looking forward to seeing everyone down that way, not to mention some of you from up here 😉

Till Saturday,
Selene and Bob

Big Weekend March 25, 26 & 27, 2022 Diamonds in the Rust Spring Market

Well folks it is here, the Diamonds in the Rust Spring Market at Diamond D Ranch.  This weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 25, 26 & 27, 2022.  Friday the Market is from 10 AM to 4 PM, Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM, Sunday 10 AM to 4 PM.  This is, without a doubt,  the Largest Event JaxWhirligigs participates in each Spring.  The Weather this weekend looks perfect for an outing, Sunny and Temps in the low 70s.

There are vendors galore with honestly Vintage items as well as Crafters, such as JaxWhirligigs with new crafts,  indoor as well as outdoor decor, with a vintage vibe.  There are also a handful of really great Food Trucks (we always eat good things at this market) and several children’s activities available for $10, for children 10yr & under – (includes: pony rides, bounce houses, and animal meet & greet). Only available Saturday and Sunday.

There is an Admission charge (Children 12 and younger FREE) for the Spring Market, FREE Parking is available as well as VIP Parking.

This is a great market for a wide variety of items and well worth the short drive and we hope to see you this weekend. (Selene won’t be with me on Friday but will be there on Saturday and Sunday)

Also of note this weekend is the Epic Flower and Garden Expo in St. Augustine where two of our closest Vendor friends will be, Carolyn’s Flower Pot Light Houses and Monroe “Chairman of the Gourds” with his hand crafted vintage bread knives and walking sticks.  This is always worth the trip for yard decor and plants. (This was always one of Selene’s favorite events of the year but sadly with it falling on the same weekend as Diamonds in the Rust we cannot be in two places at once:(

With Diamonds in the Rust covering 3 days and Epic on Saturday and Sunday, maybe you can find time for both events this weekend 🙂

See you soon,

Azaleas say Spring is Here :) Orange Park Market Sunday Mar 6, 2022

I know Spring officially doesn’t start until later this Month (March 20, 2022) however in Northeast Florida we know we can count on our Azaleas blooming to tell us when real Spring has started and Folks SPRING is HERE!

This weekend looks like picture perfect weather for an outdoors weekend, whether you work on your yard, garden or just going for a walk, this weekend is perfect for getting outside and one place you should have on your To-Do List for this weekend is the Orange Park Farmer’s and Arts Market.  Sunday March 06, 2022 from 10 AM to 3 PM the weather forecast is SUNNY with a high of 83, which in my book is PERFECT!  The Orange Park Market is always FREE admission and the beautiful venue has plenty of shade.

JaxWhirligigs will be at the Market this Sunday along with plenty of Whirligigs, additionally there will be plenty of other Craft Vendors, Food Vendors and of course Fresh Produce.  JaxWhirligigs will be unveiling our Rainbow Parrots this weekend, new colors and paint schemes.  I will try and post some pictures on Facebook Sunday Morning 😉

Selene and I hope to see YOU this Sunday at the Market,

Orange Park Market Sun Feb 20, 2022 – Palatka Azalea Fest News

First the good news is that Selene and I will be at this Sunday’s Orange Park Market, Sun Feb 20, 2022 from 10 AM ET to 3 PM ET and the weather forecast couldn’t be more perfect…   High of 70 and Mostly Sunny 🙂

We will have an excellent assortment of Whirligigs with us, and possibly we will be bringing one of our Extra Large Eagle Whirligigs, which is the largest Whirligig we have ever made and as far as I can remember it has been 5 or more years since we brought an Extra Large Eagle out…

Now for the Bad News, I received an email from the The Florida Azalea Festival Committee today around noon, basically the 2022 Florida Azalea Festival has been cancelled…  Scheduled for Mar 5 & 6, 2022…

The Florida Azalea Committee is sadden to announce the cancelation of the 2022 Florida Azalea Festival.  In the recent weeks we noticed a trend toward this decision as more and more vendors opted out due to reasons.  Number one was Covid.  So many either had the virus or currently have or trying to recover and were not able to take part.  The number two reason was losing several of our big vendors due to lack of employees.  When our children’s vendor backed out last night, also due to lack of employees, we knew a decision had to be made.  

For you folks down around Palatka that already had contacted us about certain Whirligigs, please contact us for other possible shows you may be able to meet us at or other options…

Selene and I were really looking forward to returning to Palatka, it was the last Craft Show we did prior to the first lockdowns and I felt like this was a step back towards, whatever normal is going to become.  However it appears we will have to wait another year to get to see our many fans in Palatka.

For those of you in Northeast Florida we hope you will come out and see us this Sunday at OPM 😉

Bob & Selene

JaxWhirligigs Website Update – Prices…

It has only been 7 months since we were forced to update our Whirligig pricing due to increased costs…  Unfortunately we are announcing another price increase, effective immediately…

Since June 2021 our material costs have increased across the board, from the nylon washers, which increased 125%, screws which have increased almost 30%, PVC piping for our yard stakes (almost 100% increase) and wood prices which have increased 35%.  As a result we simply have no choice but to increase the prices for our Whirligigs.

The largest increase percentage wise, unfortunately, affect our lowest cost Whirligigs which have increased 25% ($20 -> $25.00).  The increases then drop to 20% or less.

The JaxWhirligigs website has been updated with our new pricing.

Our apologies to our loyal Whirligig Enthusiasts.

Bob & Selene

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Selene and I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and we, along with the rest of the world, hope that 2022 ushers in a more normal year.

The past 2 years have been trying for everyone, we have seen a number of Friends affected by the Covid Pandemic.  Some vendor friends of ours have been unable to continue, as well as some brick and mortar operators, we have seen Craft Shows cancelled and others continue.  We have been lucky in that we have been able to continue, even seen an increase (as some of my past posts have indicated) and hope that those less fortunate see better times ahead.

We will begin the 2022 half of the Craft Season at our Home Market, The Orange Park Farmer’s and Arts Market in February and hopefully see the folks in Palatka in March and the Bostwick folks in April (it has been two years since our last trip there) and in between Diamond D.  Regardless of everything else going on I plan on continuing building Whirligigs and bringing them to as many folks as possible as long as I can 😉

Today on Christmas Day we hope everyone is surrounded by Friends and Family and remember that the Christmas Spirit is something we should strive to carry with us all year round, be polite and kind to your fellow man & woman and above all else keep the Hope alive for better times for everyone.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone,
Selene and Bob