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THANK YOU 2021 Orange Park Fall Festival

Selene and I wanted to thank everyone that stopped by the JaxWhirligigs booth this weekend.  Whether you stopped by to tell us about a Whirligig you already have, bought a new Whirligig to add to your Whirligig collection or, for many of you, bought your very first Whirligig.  We enjoyed seeing all of you and Thank You for making this the very best Fall Festival we have ever experienced.

We heard from so many of you that told us about the Whirligigs you already have and how well they are doing, and that makes making the Whirligigs all the more worthwhile for me, Thank You.

Also it was just a wonderful Fall Festival, and while I know there were some glitches, the Orange Park Staff seemed to always be around keeping the grounds picked up and offering to help.  And of course the whole thing wouldn’t have been possible without the leadership of Emily who some how brings us all together each year and gets the word out about the Fall Festival ensuring such fantastic attendance.

I also wanted to Thank the fine folks at Walgreens at Kingsley and Plainfield who has allowed us to park in their lot for the Fall Festival for the 4th year in a row, it sure takes any aggravation about parking our Trailer out of the equation.

Each year the Fall Festival seems to get bigger and better and I have no doubt that will continue, the next Fall Festival will be the 40th Annual and I expect Emily will be looking for ways to celebrate 40 years of the Best Fall Festival in North East Florida and Selene and I are already looking forward to next year 🙂

So thanks again from both Selene and I and we hope to see you soon at another event.

Bob (The Whirligig Guy)


It’s HERE! The 39th Annual Orange Park Fall Festival

Well folks, it’s here…  The 39th Annual Orange Park Fall Festival starts at 10 AM tomorrow, Saturday Oct 16th, 2021 and goes until 5 PM AND then it does it again the next day, Sunday October 17th, 2021 from 10 AM to 5 PM all over again 🙂

Over 150 Artists, Crafters and Makers as well as a pot full of Food Vendors and Kids Activities.  Admission is FREE!!!

JaxWhirligigs is in Booth 131 which is just a little closer to Kingsley Ave then our normal Market Booth.  Make sure to stop by and say Hi, even if you are not looking for a new Whirligig this time. Make sure to VOTE for Booth #131 JaxWhirligigs for Peoples Choice!

The Fall Festival is held at the corner of Kingsley Ave and Park St (US 17 for those of you not from Orange Park).

Selene and I are really looking forward to this weekend and we hope to see all of you Whirligig Lovers sometime during the weekend 🙂

Bob & Selene

39th Annual Orange Park Fall Festival

We are less than 1 week away from the 39th Annual Orange Park Fall Festival and I am still working on making more Whirligigs for this weekend.

There are almost 200 booths this year, Crafters, Artisans, Food, Kids Activities and more….

The Fall Festival starts at 10 AM on Saturday Oct 16th, 2021 and goes until 5 PM and does it again on Sunday Oct 17th from 10 AM to 5 PM.

You know the saying, “There is an APP for that” well there is an APP for the Orange Park Fall Festival, which can help you navigate to your favorite or interesting sounding vendor, not to mention FOOD 😉  https://opfallfestival.com/mobileapp/

JaxWhirligigs (that’s us 😉  ) will be in Booth #131 and you can use the Map in the APP to locate us as well as Vote for your Favorite Vendor (Like JaxWhirligigs 😉  ) and it is important to take a moment and vote as it can help your favorite vendor.

Selene and I hope to see YOU at this years Fall Festival 🙂


Orange Park Market Sunday Sep 19, 2021 (Check First)

Well folks it is time for the next Market at Orange Park, however the weather for this Sunday looks a bit IFFY…  JaxWhirligigs is scheduled to participate in this Sunday’s Market however to be quite honest with you, it will depend on the weather..  So if you are planning on coming to this Sunday’s Market for Whirligigs please check here Sunday morning to make sure we didn’t Cancel.

So hopefully we will see you Sunday, but if things change at the last minute, due to weather, we will post here and on farcebook “sic”

Don’t forget coming in October is the 39th Annual Orange Park Fall Festival, October 16 & 17, 2021  🙂

Bob and Selene

Orange Park Market this Sunday Sep 05, 2021

The first Orange Park Farmer’s and Arts Market of the 2021 – 2022 Craft Season is this Sunday, September 05, 2021, from 10 AM to 3 PM, and we are excited to get back to doing craft shows.  It has been 3 months since the last Craft show and we are so looking forward to seeing all of our fellow Whirligig Lovers again 🙂

I have said this many times but…  The Market at Orange Park is one of the best Markets in all of NE Florida, if not all of North Florida.  There are many markets around the area but none boast the number and quality of the Vendors as Orange Park does, in my HUMBLE 😉 opinion.  If you want to take an hour or two this Sunday and get out and check some really great crafts then The Orange Park Market is the place to go.  It is held outside under shade trees with lots of space, heck it’s a good place just to walk around.  Oh and FOOD Trucks too!

You can check out the Website for The Orange Park Market here:  https://orangeparkmarket.com/  where you can see what vendors will be at each Market, as well as dates and times for all the Markets this Season.

Selene and I hope to see many of you this Sunday 🙂


2021 – 2022 Craft Season

In just two weeks the 2021 – 2022 Craft Season begins with the Orange Park Farmers and Arts Market, Sunday Sep 05, 2021 from 10 AM to 3 PM…  In fact our first 5 or so Events will all be in Orange Park…   We are scaling back the number of shows this year so we can try and keep up with Inventory a bit easier than last year.  You can keep up with our schedule from our Calendar, remember all scheduled shows are subject to change due to weather and/or Covid-19… 🙁

In addition to our New Iridescent Humming Birds and Red White and Blue Eagles that we introduced at the last show of last season we will also have a new Duck Whirligig and resized Small Turtles, Frogs, Blue Birds and Goldfinch Whirligigs with us at the first show.  I am currently working on all of the new resized Whirligigs and as soon as I can we will get pictures of the these added to the web site.

I must confess I am about a month behind where I planned on being, in terms of Whirligigs, due to a number of factors.  The biggest issue this summer has been the amount of and frequency of rain which has severely hampered sanding and cutting wood for wings.  There have also been shortages to deal with, I spent more than a few days just visiting Home Depots and Lowes for supplies at various times. Currently I am dealing with a shortage of spray paint I use for the Yard Stakes so there may be a few different shades of green this year ;(

In any event, Selene and I are excited about getting this Craft Season started and looking forward to seeing everyone.

Till then keep those Whirligigs Spinning,
Bob and Selene

Patriotic Eagles and Butterflies

Hello folks 🙂  Since the last Market I have been working to get more Patriotic Eagles and  Butterflies done and I have just finished.


The Medium Patriotic Eagles are $35.00 each and the Large Eagle and Butterflies are $45.00 each, so if you are interested give me aa holler, text or Call 904-302-1791 or email WhirligigGuy@JaxWhirligigs.com

Next I will be starting to build as many Whirligigs as I can before September, which means that we will be out of stock on some items, until I get to them, as I try to do large batchs of a couple different Whirligigs at a time, rather then trying to make a few of everything at a time.

As always if you are looking for a specific Whirligig please call, text or email me so…

A:  I can let you know if we have that Whirligig in stock,
B: So I can get it put together before you come to pick it up (I don’t store Whirligigs with their wings on) and
C: Make sure I will actually be here 😉

Until the next Update,
Bob & Selene

JaxWhirligigs Web Site Update

As announced on April 23, 2021 some prices for our Whirligigs have been increased and the JaxWhirligig web site has been updated and all prices listed now reflect the new pricing.  As I mentioned in the April announcement, the biggest change is that there are no longer $15.00 Whirligigs as price increases have just made it impossible to offer any Whirligig at that price point.  Other Whirligig prices have been affected as well.

You will note we still offer our Small Turtles, Frogs and Goldfinches however they have been redesigned to be approximately 20% larger and are now $20.00 each.  All Whirligigs still include a yard stake (except for shipped Whirligigs which include parts to create your own yard stake).

We have also reordered our Whirligig Pages, $20.00 Whirligigs, $25.00 Whirligigs, $30.00 – $35.00 Whirligigs and $40.00 and Up Whirligigs. We have also added two new pages, Just Birds and Just Dogs, as specialty pages along with our Eagles Whirligigs page.

Now that our web site is updated I can get back to the Whirligigs and I will post again as soon as I have completed additional Patriotic Whirligigs and new Butterflies, which the response was overwhelming and we sold out off the initial run of the Patriotic Whirligigs and I only made two of the new design Butterflies and simply had no idea how popular those would be.

Thank you for your continued support 🙂
Bob & Selene

Final Market of the Season this Sunday Jun 6, 2021

Well folks it has been a year that we will all remember, whether we want to or not…   But throughout the Pandemic there has been one constant, the Orange Park Farmer’s and Arts Market which was one of the 1st, if not the 1st, Craft venue to start back up at the end of the 2019-2020 Craft Season and has been going strong since last September 2020 and the Last Scheduled Market is this Sunday Jun 6, 2021 and JaxWhirligigs will be there….

With the 4th of July coming up we will have our complete line of Patriotic Whirligigs with us, Uncle Sams $40, Patriotic USA’s $40 and NEW our Patriotic Eagles, Both Medium $35 and Large $45.

We will also have our newest Hummingbirds, our Iridescent HummingBirds, small $25 and Large $35, here is a picture of one of the small Humming Birds, it needs sunlight to do it justice… 

And finally I have a new color combination for our Butterflies…

Hope to see you this Sunday,
Bob and Selene

Orange Park Market Sunday May 16, 2021

Folks the weather forecast for this Sunday’s Market looks absolutely fantastic…   Highj 81, Mostly Sunny with about no chance of rain 🙂 and JaxWhirligigs will be there…

Orange Park Farmer’s and Arts Market Sunday May 16, 2021 10 AM to 3 PM, mark it on your Calendar, set a reminder, just plan on being there..  Over 80 vendors are scheduled and with weather like this being outside is a MUST.

I have been busy since the last Market and we have the following Whirligigs back in stock, Road Runner, German Shepard, Parrots and Dragons.  Not to mention this is your next to last chance to grab one of those, soon to be extinct, $15.00 Whirligigs, Small Turtles and Frogs, Dragonflies, Baby Flying Pigs, Small Manatees and Small Bluebirds…

Selene and I are looking forward to seeing you this Sunday,