JaxWhirligigs Christmas Whirligigs

We are very excited to announce our two newest Whirligigs, the first two Whirligigs for Christmas, two more will follow soon…   These Whirligigs will join our $10.00 Christmas Tree Whirligig and a complete set would look great in any yard or garden 🙂

SantaClaus Snowman
Santa Claus – $20.00
A JaxWhirligigs Original
Snowman – $15.00
A JaxWhirligigs Original


These Whirligigs will first be available for sale this Weekend at the Church at Suncoast Craft Fair, Saturday Nov 15, 2014  2400 Georgetown Drive Jacksonville, 32210

If you like to add season touches to your yard or garden these will be just what you need 🙂

We will be adding two additional Christmas Whirligigs, one in the next day or two and the other in about a week.

Til next time,


Nov 15, 2014 Church at Suncoast Craft Fair

Selene and Ashley will be at the Craft Fair being held at The Church at Suncoast, 2400 Georgetown Drive Jacksonville, 32210 this coming Saturday Nov 15, 2014.


They will have all of our regular Whirligigs as well as three New Christmas Whirligigs that we are really excited about.

Pictures of the new Whirligigs will be posted later this week, but make plans to visit the Craft Show and see the new Christmas Whirligigs in person 🙂

Till next time,

New Whirligigs, Horse, New Football Color and Buzzards?

As promised in our last Post some new Whirligigs are done 🙂

The first was the result of a request from a very nice Lady we met at the St. Catherine’s Craft-A-Faire, a Horse Whirligig.  Approximately 12″ long with 11″ leg span, $20.00 ea.


Horse Whirligig $20.00



These will be available in multiple color combinations, just contact us with your request.








Next up we added another Football player, also by request from the St. Catherine’s Craft-A-Faire

You can see our other Football Player color combinations on our Football Player Page.






Then finally a special order from the Ramona Flea Market, which we will make available from our Special Requests page.  A Buzzard…  $15.00 ea.




More are on their way including some special Christmas Whirligigs, so stay tuned 🙂

Till next time,


St. Catherine’s Craft-A-Faire Thanks

Selene and Ashley had a great time at yesterday’s Craft-A-Faire, thanks to the St. Catherine’s M.O.M.S. group that sponsored the Fair.  Beautiful weather with some breezes (important to us whirligigers 😉  )  and some really great folks.

Met lots of people and more than a handful walked away with a New Whirligig in their hands. I even made an appearance (which for those of you that know me is rare) and talked to some of the visitors about our Whirligigs.

All in all a successful day and Selene and Ashley hope to be able to return to next years Faire 🙂

Thanks to everyone that stopped by and either bought a Whirligig or grabbed one of our cards, hopefully we will see some of you again.

Till next time,

Craft-A-Faire Tomorrow Saturday Oct 11

Selene and Ashley will be at the St. Catherine’s MOMS 22nd Annual Craft-A-Faire at 1649 Kingsley Ave, Orange Park from 9 AM to 3PM with our Whirligigs.

They will have over 30 different Whirligigs with them. So if you are around Orange Park tomorrow stop in and visit them.  A good time to see many of our Whirligigs at once.

Till next time,

Craft Fair – Christmas – New Whirligig…

Craft Fair
Selene and Ashley will be at the St. Catherine’s Vendor Craft-A-Faire, Orange Park, FL on Saturday Oct 11, 2014 with many of our Whirligigs and this will be a great opportunity for those that don’t get to the Westside to take a look at our Whirligigs up close and personal 🙂

We expect to have about 70 or 80 whirligigs at the craft show and this would be a great time to start your Christmas Shopping 😉

We have had many customers talk about giving Whirligigs for Christmas and we think that is a great idea however if you want any specific Whirligigs for Christmas getting them earlier rather than later would be a good idea as there are some that we have a hard time keeping in stock and may not have the Whirligig you want as we get closer to Christmas.

If you know you want a specific Whirligig(s) now would be the time to contact us and make sure we have it in stock or placed on our “next batch” list.

New Whirligig
For those of you with a tropical theme to your landscaping or garden we have just added a new Whirligig that will be a perfect fit.  Introducing the Toucan Whirligig, just $15.00 (including PVC Yard Stake)


Remember feel free to Contact Us, by email, phone or text (904-302-1791) at anytime if you have a question or are looking for a specific Whirligig.  And we welcome all requests for special Whirligigs (even a Buzzard) and you never know, your idea may be our next New Whirligig…

Till next time,


New Halloween Whirligigs and more…

JaxWhirligigs.com now has two Halloween themed whirligigs.  These will only be available until Halloween.

Witch with Wand $20.00 and Halloween Black Cat $15.00


Selene and Ashley continue to display our Whirligigs at Ramana Flea Market every Sunday and they will also be at St. Catherine’s Vendor Craft-A-Faire, Orange Park, FL on Oct 11, 2014.

We also recently added White and Black Pegasus Whirligigs – $20.00

pegasus1 pegasus3

I have also just made some changes to our web site in an attempt to keep the navigation from getting out of control and will be adding a few new pages in the coming week.

Till next time thanks for supporting JaxWhirligigs.com and keep em whirling 😉

New $10 Whirligigs – Bluebird & Scarlet Tanager

We are very pleased to announce the addition of Two New $10.00 Whirligigs. (as promised to some folks 🙂 )

Bluebird4 ScarletTanager1

Each Whirligig, including the $10.00 Whirligigs, come with a PVC Post ready to be placed in your garden or yard.

For our Flea Market Fans Selene and Ashley took this weekend off from Ramona Flea Market but will be back starting in September.  However they will only be at the Flea Market on Sundays during the Fall/Winter, so be sure to look for them and say Howdy 😉

Till next time,

JaxWhirligigs Update – New Eagle, Cute Pigs and Canoe with Indian Whirligigs!

It has been a very busy couple of weeks, can’t keep cardinals in stock and keep making them 😉

It was just a few weeks ago when we added the Canoe with Indian for Linda, well they sold out the first weekend.  We just made 4 new ones including two of Garnet and Gold 😉 and one of those has already sold, whewww…   Gonna have to make more soon.


Canoe with Indian Whirligig – $20.00

Another request we had was a pig, now I wasn’t too keen on the idea myself but Selene really liked the idea which meant it got made LOL…


Cute Pig Whirligig – $20.00

I also made a Whirligig just for myself, an Extra LARGE Eagle, and I mean Extra Large…  Our Large Size Eagle measured 18″ long with a 27″ wingspan.  The Extra LARGE Eagle measures 27″ long with a wingspan of 39″…  And someone has already indicated they want to buy it so I will be working on more…


Extra LARGE Eagle – 39″ Wingspan – $60.00


From Left to Right – Small Eagle $15.00 – Large Eagle $25.00 – Extra LARGE Eagle $60.00

The Extra LARGE Eagle on the left and on the right our Three eagles, Small Eagle, Large Eagle and Extra LARGE Eagle…

We have more new Whirligigs in the Pipeline, including 2 new $10.00 Whirligigs that should be available around Sep 01, 2014, plus some others that we have had requests for.

Remember feel free to write, text or call with any questions or if you want to come by, Selene and Ashley will be at Ramona Flea market again this weekend however they will not be there on the Weekend of Aug 30/31…

Until next time,