Orange Park Farmer’s and Arts Market Sunday Mar 1, 2015

We will be at the Orange Park Farmer’s and Arts Market this Sunday, Mar 1, 2015 from 10 AM ET 40 4 PM ET Booth #32 right along Kingsley Ave, Selene, Ashley and even me ;).

Corner of Park and Kingsley, Orange Park FL.

So if you haven’t made plans for Sunday yet make sure to add the Market to your stops or if you are just out and about please stop by.

There will be over 90 vendors so this would be worth your time not to mention getting to see our Whirligigs πŸ™‚

We will have our newest Whirligigs with us, the Goldfinch $10.00 and Large Cardinal $15.00

Goldfinch1 CardinalLg2

We also plan on having yet another new Whirligig, a Dachshund which was a special request from Mandarin…

So come on by this Sunday and say HI!

See you there,

WOW what a GREAT Day at Orange Park Farmer’s and Arts Market

We just got home from our First time at the Orange Park Farmer’s and Arts Market and we had a Great Day!Β  It was a bit chilly at the beginning and end and the wind really whipped up on and off all day but wind is good for Whirligigs… right πŸ˜‰

Just a quick post to thank everyone that stopped by our Booth, a bunch of you bought Whirligigs, which we thank you for.Β  A bunch more stopped to talk and got business cards and asked about special order Whirligigs, we look forward to hearing from you all πŸ˜‰

Some other really great vendors were out as well and folks if you haven’t taken the time to visit the Orange Park Farmer’s and Arts Market you are missing out!

We will be back on March 1st, 2015 and look forward to meeting more great folks and hoping for a little warmer weather πŸ˜‰

Till next time,

Orange Park Farmers and Art’s Market – Feb 15, 2015

JaxWhirligigs will be making our first appearance at this weekends Orange Park Farmers and Art’s Market.Β  Over 100 Vendors are expected and it is Kid’s Day at the Market as well.

Kids Day at the Market

Join us this Sunday (February 15th) at the OP Market for a fun filled day of kid activities and your regular market vendors! We will offer free barrel train rides, kid friendly entertainment, kid appropriate vendors and more! The market is from 11am-4pm and is located at Town Hall Park- 2042 Park Ave, Orange Park FL.

JaxWhirligigs makes over 55 different Whirligigs and we will have about 100 with us this Sunday, whew…Β  Selene and Ashley will be there as usual and I will be making an appearance as well.Β  πŸ˜‰

We will have three new Whirligigs that have not been seen at a Fair yet and two of them haven’t even been added to the web site yet. A new $10.00 Whirligig, a Goldfinch, very colorful and will add brightness to any Garden.Β  Also a Large version of our very popular Cardinal will make it’s debut at $20.00.

We hope that you can make plans to visit the Market this Sunday and stop on by our booth, or if you are just out and about take a few minutes to drop on by should be a Fun day for all!

Also for planning purposes on March 21, 2015 we will be at the Carrie Clarke Day Celebration, more on that as we get closer, but mark that date on your Calendar.

See you this Sunday πŸ™‚

New Whirligig – Pileated Woodpecker

I first saw a Pileated Woodpecker on a telephone pole across the street from my house a number of years ago, and heard one for the first time.Β  I was struck by how large it was and it’s very unusual call.Β  I just thought they looked really cool πŸ™‚

So naturally I had to figure out a way to make a Whirligig of this magnificent bird and today we are proud to announce the newest Whirligig Addition to JaxWhilrigigs.Β  A Pileated WoodPecker!

This is a JaxWhirligig Original Design and is approximately 13 1/2″ long with 19″ wingspan. Normally $25.00, it is our February Featured Whirligig and is just $20.00 during the month of February 2015. (incl PVC yard stake)

You can read more about Pileated Woodpeckers at the below links:

Till next time,

JaxWhirligigs Wings… Solid Wood!

We mention that our Whirligig Wings are made from solid wood and not plywood, commonly referred to as Finnish Plywood in Whirligig circles.

Finnish Plywood is generally 5/32″ thick and is still plywood which is layers of wood glued together and has a susceptibility to separating over time. To combat this Whirligig makers do their best to seal the wings, especially the edges with paint and clear coats, however the possibility of separation still exists.

We wanted a better solution and the only better solution was solid wood.Β  You can buy 1/4″ thick solid wood pieces online however the cost for enough material for a set of wings would be more than we sell our Whirligigs for…

So what we do is hand select 2 X 4’s and then cut them to individual planks.Β  Below is a picture of our wing material before…


Then below is the same block after cutting into our wing blanks


We have had many folks ask about our “Solid Wood” wings so I thought we would show you a little of the behind the scenes look πŸ˜‰

Till next time,

Do Blue Flamingos Exist?

Recently a Friend of JaxWhirligigs asked could we make a Blue Flamingo…Β Β  Well my first thought was HUH…Β  There is no such thing.Β  BUT my wife Selene pointed out we had made a Pink and Lavender Penguin for someone already so why not a Blue Flamingo… *sigh* she was right of course. πŸ˜‰

However I did think it could be possible, I guess, so I did some searches and surprisingly enough I found some references to Blue Flamingos in those searches…Β  Supposedly a Fauna Specialist discovered Blue Flamingos in the Galapagos Islands in 2012.Β  I also found one or two other mentions however they all used the same picture and my gut tells me this is a Flamingo Legend…But I will let you search and make up your own minds

I can tell you that Blue Flamingos do exist, at least in JaxWhirligigs World πŸ™‚

BlueFlamingo5 BlueFlamingo4 BlueFlamingo6

We have also added a Caribbean Flamingo which has an Orange tinge to it’s Pink as well as a more traditional Pink Flamingo.


You just never know what you will find in the wild or at JaxWhirligigs πŸ™‚

Til next time,

Happy New Year 2015 from JaxWhirligigs

Selene, Ashley and I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that purchased a Whirligig from JaxWhirligigs this past year, and some of you more than a few πŸ˜‰

We have enjoyed this last year making and selling our Whirligigs and we hope that everyone has enjoyed their Whirligigs as much as we have enjoyed making them and meeting you all.

With a new year upon us we are taking steps to make our Whirligigs even better but still making them available for a very reasonable cost so more and more can enjoy having their own Whirligigs.

We already have a new Whirligig for 2015, a Baseball player, which was originally a request from a Friend of JaxWhirligigs in Orange Park.Β  We also have some other new designs under consideration and continue to welcome any and all suggestions

We wish everyone a Very Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year,

WOW, What a Great Day at the Mandarin Corner Handmade Craft Fair

We had an exceptionally great day today.Β  The Sun was shining, the temps mild and lots of really great folks were coming by all day long.

A special thanks to the organizers, and especially Barbara who was doing just about everything all day long.Β  These things are not easy to manage but it was a great event and looking forward to going back again.

Of course we really want to thank everyone that bought a Whirligig Today, some more than one πŸ™‚Β  But we also met a bunch of folks that stopped by and talked for a bit and we just had a great time all day long.

It also looks like we may be making a Dachshund in the near future, by special request πŸ™‚

I also got to meet Andrew, Andrew’s Rocking Horses, his booth was right nest to ours.Β  His Rocking Horse was showcased on the Channel 4 bit that was done.Β  I have never seen such fine woodwork, his Rocking Horses are those that are passed from Generation to Generation, and if you have a small Child or Grandchild they are really special.Β  Andrew is extremely nice and his work is really worth checking out.

I do want to mention that we cannot accept any more special orders if needed by Christmas as we just won’t have time to get them completed, but we still have some nice Whirligigs in stock and if you are interested in any, just call, text or email us and we will let you know if we have it in stock.

Thanks again to everyone that attended today’s Craft Fair,

Remember this Saturday, Mandarin Corner Handmade Arts and Craft Fair

Make sure your weekend plans include stopping by the Mandarin Corner Handmade Arts and Craft Fair this Saturday Dec 13, 2014 from 10 AM to 5 PM ET.

There will be over 30 Vendors showcasing their handmade arts and crafts including JaxWhirligigs with over 30 different Whirligigs including our New Christmas Themed Whirligigs.

Nutcracker2 SantaClaus Angel Snowman

Make sure to stop by and say Hello to Selene and Ashley and there is a pretty good chance you may even catch me there as well πŸ˜‰

Till Then,

Mandarin Corner Handmade Arts and Craft Fair Dec 13, 2014

Selene and Ashley will have our Whirligigs at the Mandarin Corner Handmade Arts and Craft Fair on Dec 13, 2014 from 10 AM to 5 PM ET. You never know I might even show up for a bit …

Click here for a Map and to get directions.

All of our Whirligigs, including our Christmas Themed Whirligigs will be available for sale.Β  There will be about 40 Craft vendors as well so this will be a great opportunity to look for some Christmas presents for those hard to buy for πŸ˜‰

Make sure to plan on coming by, should be a fun day as well as get a chance to see our Whirligigs up close and take one home πŸ™‚

Till next time,