Whirligigs A – Z

Below is a list of all the Whirligigs we make at JaxWhirligigs, along with the price for each and a link to the page they are listed on so you can see pictures.

It also indicates if a particular Whirligig is “normally” kept in stock, Limited Stock or is a Seasonal or Special Order item.
(Normally in stock indicates we try to keep a few at all times however there are times, especially after Craft Shows when some “normally” in stock items will be sold out and we try and replace those as soon as practically possible) (Limited Stock indicates Whirligigs that we usually only make a limited number each year.)

Airplane Limited Stock Item $55.00
Angel Stock Item $30.00
Beagle Stock Item $35.00
Black or Chocolate Lab Stock Item $35.00
BloodHound Stock Item $40.00
Bluebird Stock Item $25.00
Bluejay Stock Item $30.00
Bluejay, Large Stock Item $40.00
Boxer Stock Item $30.00
Bulldog Stock Item $35.00
Bumble bee Stock Item $30.00
Butterfly Stock Item – NEW $55.00
Canoe, Classic with Indian Stock Item $30.00
Canoe, w/ Indian Chief Stock Item $40.00
Cardinal, Small Stock Item $25.00
Cardinal, Medium Stock Item $35.00
Cardinal, Large Stock Item $55.00
Cat Stock Item $35.00
Cow Stock Item $35.00
Dachshund Stock Item $35.00
Dog Stock Item $35.00
Dolphin Stock Item $25.00
Dragon Stock Item $30.00
Dragonfly Stock Item $25.00
Brown/Black Small Eagle Stock Item $30.00
Patriotic Small Eagle Stock Item $35.00
Brown/Black Medium Eagle Stock Item $40.00
Patriotic Medium Eagle Stock Item $45.00
Brown/Black Large Eagle Stock Item $50.00
Patriotic Large Eagle Stock Item $55.00
Extra Large Eagle Special Order/Limited Stock Item $100.00
Elephant Stock Item $35.00
Flamingo Stock Item $40.00
Flamingo, Large Stock Item – NEW $65.00
Football Player Stock Item – Special Order $35.00
Fox Stock Item $35.00
French Bulldog Stock Item $30.00
Frog, Small Stock Item $25.00
Frog, Large Stock Item $35.00
German Shepherd Stock Item $35.00
Goldfinch Stock Item $25.00
Goose Stock Item $50.00
Horse Stock Item $30.00
Hummingbird, Small Stock Item $25.00
Hummingbird, Sm Iridescent Stock Item – NEW $30.00
Hummingbird, Large Stock Item $40.00
Hummingbird, Large Iridescent Stock Item – NEW $45.00
Lady Bug Stock Item $25.00
Mallard Duck Stock Item $45.00
Manatee Stock Item $25.00
Mantee, Large Stock Item $35.00
Mythical FireBird Stock Item $35.00
Parrot Stock Item $45.00
Patriotic – USA Stock Item $55.00
Pegasus Stock Item $30.00
Pelican Stock Item $40.00
Penguin Stock Item $30.00
Pig, Flying, Small Stock Item $25.00
Pig, Flying, Large Stock Item $35.00
Race Car Limited Stock Item $55.00
Red Headed Duck Stock Item – NEW $35.00
Roadrunner Stock Item $40.00
Rooster Stock Item $30.00
Santa Christmas Seasonal $30.00
 School Bus Limited Stock Item $50.00
School Bus, Small Stock Item $30.00
Snowman Christmas Seasonal $30.00
Limited Stock Item $35.00
Thin Blue Line USA Stock Item $55.00
Toucan Stock Item $30.00
Toucan, Large Stock Item $40.00
Tractor Limited Stock Item $50.00
Turtle, Small Stock Item $25.00
Turtle, Large Stock Item $35.00
Uncle Sam Stock Item $45.00
Unicorn Stock Item $35.00
Witch Halloween Seasonal $30.00
Woodpecker, Pileated Stock Item $35.00
Woodpecker, Pileated, Lg Stock Item $50.00
Woodpecker, Red Headed Stock Item $30.00


Whirligigs A – Z — 10 Comments

    • Hello,

      Sorry but we discontinued our Rabbit Whirligig.
      We hadn’t sold a Rabbit Whirligig in almost two years and when the last one we had in stock
      finally sold I discontinued them.

      We can only have so many Whirligigs on our roster as I can’t keep up with the Whirligigs
      that do sell routinely as it is.


  1. Our town host the largest outdoor juried show in Indiana and vendors and tourist come from all across the USA. We have 10K tourist here the last weekend in September! We’d love to have you !

    • Hello Lisa,

      We are flattered with your invite however we don’t travel to speak of. We only do shows that allow us to get back home each evening.

      Thanks very much and we wish you the very best with your event,
      Bob & Selene

  2. Hello Bob and Selene,

    I would like to order 3 College Football Whirligigs from you—2 Alabama Cremson Tide and 1 Auburn Tigers. What do you have available? I didn’t see them online.
    Thank you so much and I’ll continue to look at your website.

    Have a nice weekend.

    • Hello Susan,

      I replied by email however for those that may come along in the future 🙂

      We make Football Whirligigs is any color combination anyone wants. Just let us know the colors or team and we will paint a Football Whirligig to those colors. So far we have Done, Jaguars, Gators, Seminoles, Bulldogs, Patriots, Eagles, Green Bay, Dallas, Ohio State, Marshall University, Tampa Bay and others 🙂

      On average it takes about 2 to 4 weeks for special orders. We do not add logos or numbers to our Football Whirligigs.


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