$15.00 WhirliGigs

$15.00 WhirliGigs – ALL Whirligigs come with PVC Yard Stake!
(Online Ordered Whirligigs do not include a Yard Stake due to shipping costs)
Painted Bunting
JaxWhirligigs *Original
Cardinal, Small
10″ long with 12″ wingspan
Multiple Color Combinations Available!
10″ long with 11″ wingspan
redheadwoodpecker5 Toucan
 Red Headed Woodpecker
Approximately 9.5″ long with 14″ wingspan
Approximately 13″ long with 16″ wingspan
13″ long with 11/12″ finspan
*JaxWhirligigs Original Design
12″ Long with 15.5″ wingspan
Small Hummingbird
10.5″ Long with 12.5″ Wingspan
Multiple Color Combinations Available
13″ long with 12″ finspan
JaxWhirligigs Original!
12″ long with 16″ wingspan
Small Frog (Right) – $15.00 Small Turtle (Left) – $15.00
Tropical Fish – $15.00
10″ long with 13″ finspan



$15.00 WhirliGigs — 2 Comments

  1. I would like to purchase some whirligigs, but need the stick. I am in the jax area, so could purchase and pick them up. If you are going to be at any local shows this month I could also purchase them there.

    looking for a blue jay, a flamingo and a cdn goose.


    • Hello Gayle,

      We have all three in stock. We will be in Orange Park at the Orange Park Farmer’s and Arts Market this Sunday from 10 AM – 3 PM
      Corner of Us 17 and Kingsley.

      If you can’t make that you can call or text me directly. 904-302-1791

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